I actually have 2 jobs at the moment. On weekdays, I work as an IT ServiceDesk Supervisor & during weekends, a Photographer. To be honest, it’s a little exhausting at times and more often than not, I do not have weekends… I’m not complaining thought, I actually enjoy doing both but sometimes, it’s just physically tiring :) Well, we’re making plans to change that setup someday soon… You know?
But having a day job actually supports my being a Weekend Wedding Photographer because my officemates (one of the best in the world) are the first ones to recommend me to their family & friends :) Take Roel & Ruby for example… Ruby is James’ sister-in-law. I’m sure you remember James from our Light House Fam Bam Session. Roel & Ruby actually asked us to shoot their Engagement Session, early March & their Wedding, which was just last week in Ormoc!!!
I should be telling you about their Love Story but honestly, even their family was surprised by that. Hahaha. Don’t ask me. Ask Ruby… From what I heard during the wedding, I think they’re about 10 years into the partnership already and is just really beautiful to look at.
Here is their Engagement Session first and I hope to share their Wedding photographs soon… For now, I’ll enjoy the fast & free WiFi Service here at the Hong Kong Airport. I’m transiting with Jeff or Rock Paper Scissors to Malaysia to meet Jasmine Star :) Wooohoooo!!!

As soon as Sandy & I saw this shelf, our first thought was getting something like this for the house :P It’s super!!!

These two were actually very shy when we first met them. In fact throughout the planning for the shoot, I always talked to Ruby’s sister, Rhena, because she was a little shy to talk to us :)

The first part of the session was taken at The Henry, formerly The House of Cebu.

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April 27, 2013
Such beautiful light! Love the photos! Happy trip! ♥
April 27, 2013
At the HENRY Hotel ni Tween? Lalala lovely! :) See you laterrrrrrr alligaterrrr hehehehe