When we went home from Ryan and Grace’s wedding in Canlaon City
All boat trips were suspended from San Carlos City to Toledo
There was an upcoming storm and Signal Number 1 was raised
So we took a 5-hour bus ride to Sibulan hoping we could cross Tañon Strait

In Sibulan, we were also told that boats were cancelled and trips will resume Thursday
It was still Sunday, so imagine our faces when we heard the news
Luckily, we managed to hire a small fisherman’s pump boat for Php 2,000
When it was a bit dark, we prayed and put our faith on the fishermen

There were 6 of us crossing the 5 kilometer stretch of deep-deep ocean
And the waves were relentless, getting everybody all wet
It was all-in-a-days work according to the fishermen
But we are never doing that again. Never!

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February 17, 2017
Nyahaha NEVER gyud! :) what an experience to add to your ever amazing adventures tween! how nice to shoot in the bukid!