There are days when I don’t have a lot to say
So I play the music I use for the pre-wedding slideshow on loop while I write
However, Alex and Ann’s pre-wedding is sort of unforgettable, you know?
Because we actually spent more time travelling than taking pictures :)

I remember flying out to Clark late in the evening
And then taking the van to Vigan, a quick bath and then the shoot
Another quick lunch and then we head out to the Sand Dunes
After that we slept, woke up at 3AM and then took the bus back to Clark

I guess I shot somewhere between 3-5 hours and travelled around 24-30 hours
Glen and Yeye (the videographers), Debie (the make-up artist) and myself
We kept on saying that we were never going to do something like this again
Unless it was an international shoot! Hoooiiiiiieeeee :)

Meanwhile, here are the pictures from the 3-5 hours shoot.

p.s. you can click the play button just before the words to play the music.
if you’re viewing this from a laptop, it should play right away :)


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March 7, 2017
HOIIIIEEEE the tagalog song background haha -- lingaw this set tween! i miss Vigan and Ilocos adventure i had before, too! and WOW the sand dunes!!!