As 2017 fades in to black
For everything that crossed our path
The hits and misses, the stumbles and success
And all the things in between
All of it designed to hopefully make each one of us wiser human beings

On a lighter note, here are a few behind-the-scenes photos from 2017
With cameo appearances from Glen, Noel, RV, Denice, Idah, Olive, Mai, Jeff, GIzelle, Khendi, Russel

May the New Year bring us Joy, Peace and more Pictures to laugh about

Happy New Year!!!

This was when we shot a wedding in Kanlaon City and we almost got stranded opting to rent a pumpboat for 2,000 just to cross Tanon Strait from Sibulan to Lilo-an in the midst of not so normal waves.

Yah for?

Caught in the act for it!

So Miss Mai laugh hard for it!

Shung shung shung with Russel!

Always look in to the shoes it.

And then Idah is laugh it.

Up and coming HMUA Glen Ducante Hair and Make-up!

What for you Besh?

Hello agann Besh!

Idah focus it with the video.

Naru and friends…

Jayson is so slim it here for.

Hello Medamme!

What’s to your eyes it?

The best videographer ever. No, not Noel. Alchan P. In the Place to be. Smile Fa More!

I’m barbeque it here.

Poopoo clouds for?

Really for RV?

Talking to his hand it.

Ghosting to the bride.

Yummy it?


Salt and Besh!

Angry naman agawn diri oi!

Working for me, what for you Miss Mai?

Yeah for?

Hoie! Close-up for it.

Feeling guest!

Amaw-amaw look it!

Too small for me.

But it’s ok.

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